Monday, June 08, 2015

A Young Fox Pup

I have been so lucky to get pictures of a young fox pup this weekend!.  Their den or lair is beside a railroad track and it is in view of a daily walk that I take. On Saturday morning when Mama Fox was probably out hunting, one pup was exploring its surroundings and I was standing on a hillside just across from the pup. being separated by a set of railroad tracks.  The Pup seemed happy and excited with my appearance and if not for the tracks I felt it would have run up to me.  It climbed over a discarded rail  as I watched it.

                                             Its legs looked just like it was wearing black stockings.
                                   It sat for awhile giving me some good views
                                                      and somehow one of its ear got turned over
                                      Its face still retained a bit of babyness in its appearance
                                                 It had a beautiful clean white tip on its tail        
And my cup of luck was overflowing when yesterday morning I chanced upon another young pup.  It was laying in the grass beside a roadside a few miles away, across the river and , It was definitely not from the same litter.  I thought it was sleeping from its position but when I downloaded the pictures at home I saw that its eyes were open watching me!!

  Oh happy days!!!!, what  a few delightful foxy days that I have had these past few days!!!
Aren't the treasures nature has in store for us amazing!!! Wow!


eileeninmd said...

Oh wow, these are awesome images of the fox pup! It is so cute! Great sightings. Have a happy day and week ahead!

Becky said...

I noticed that Mom has a white face that almost gives her a big smile. Junior does too. Perhaps that is not unusual, but your pictures make me imagine a happy family group! They are wonderful and special pictures.

Mary said...

Wow...lucky you to see these pups so close! I recently found out we have foxes in our neighborhood, but I have only spotted one adult one time and didn't get any photos. A neighbor said she has seen pups with them before. They are beautiful animals!