Saturday, June 16, 2018

Eatern bluebirds for saturday Critters

It is always a lovely surprise to discover bluebirds around our yard.  we don't see them often but this week a couple of bluebirds were showing much interest in our unoccupied Tree Swallow house. they would perch on the top of the house and sometimes go into the house itself. although we have not see these two bluebirds for the last couple of days.  However we think Bluebirds nest nearby \as last fall we saw Bluebirds around our choke cherry trees when the berries were very ripe.

                   seen above is a male Bluebird on top of our tree swallow house

                                              Bluebird shown above in the branches of our Choke Cherry Tree..

I am linking today to Eileen's Saturday Critters which can be found at

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunning Painted Turtles

It is my delight these recent sunny days is to find Painted Turtles sunning themselves , often on islands.of Earth or mounds of grass.  their shiny domes really standout  with the sun reflecting from them 

seen above are six painted turtles on grassy mounds.  Look very carefully to the lower left of the picture and you will be able to detect three turtles there.

This picture above shows four Painted turtles.  I was so very pleased to see a small turtle included in the group.  They come in all sized.!

This Painted turtle chose a different sort of location. It had chosen to climb up midway on a brush pile.

.For others an island of earth is the preferred choice.  aTt first I only saw the turtle on the island but when editing this I saw the second turtle on the left... so move over and make room for two!.
This one coming out of the water has yet  to chose and settle into sunny location, but no matter where, I know its purpose will be to lie soaking up the heat of the sun.  Its another sunny day so I think I will go out with my camera and find some more turtles sunning themselves.  I know they will be out there!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

INdigo Bunting in Bird Alley

On my morning's searching for some interesting bird I could find none.  So I was super extra pleased  in the early afternoon when I saw a handsome male Indigo Bunting in Bird Alley.  I was discouraged at first with the photo as it was washed with too much light but I tried some photo editing on it and I am fairly pleased with my results.  The beak is quite clear and it has a bit of bird seed between its beak. This handsome bird only stayed a moment, but we had one visiting Bird Alley last spring sometime in April and I am hoping that this is the same bird.  Last year it stayed around for a couple of days and so I am hoping that the one we had seen today will be back tomorrow.

Happy Birding everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Painted Turtles

I am used to seeing a first spring Painted Turtle sometime in April, however I think that the flooding we have had this spring was a negative influence to the turtles crawling up out of the very, very deep water to sun themselves  There was very little on or near the water's surface for them to rest upon while sunning themselveson land or a rock.  Now that the waters have gone down I am able to detect a shiny shell now and then in the sun's glare and this weekend I got pictures of turtles climbing out of the water to a land surface. In the picture below are three painted turtles.  You can easily see two turtles coming out of the water,  but search for the third and you can see its head just showing above the water near the bottom right of the picture Its about an inch  to the left of the turtle  to the far right. Today I shall return to that location and look for it again.

The Painted turtle is very colourful, thus its name.  Below as the turtle crawls out from the water you can see some if its red markings on its shell and the yellow striping on its head and neck!
Looking for another sunny day today which will create the right conditions for more Painted turtle hunting.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Three Eagles along the River.

I missed my opportunity of a best photo as I saw an Eagle standing in the river.  It flew away at my approach to the observation deck but as it flew upward it was like an explosion of Eagles as others seemed to burst from the tress bordering the river bank there.  I panned what movement I could and was surprised at my downloading the picture included here.  I had not been aware of the two Eagles perched on the branch until later.  In this photo I had panned the eagle flying by the branch as I tried to keep track of its movements.  There were at least three, and I think more Eagles present at the river this morning around 7 a.m. I shall visit there again today more than one return trip.  Its a lovely sunshiny day today  and I shall enjoy it with my camera.

A fox, an early morning hunter.

We have been waiting and watching and hoping to get a photo of a Red fox this spring. This morning was my opportunity.  Just as I was leaving the location  in my car, I looked up and saw this fox.  As it was moving quite quickly

I panned its movements the best I could through my car window!
Now that I am aware of its presence at this location I shall visit there daily being hopeful of another photo opportunity of this beautiful wild creature that lives and roams in our community.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Brown-headed Cowbird

Although seeing the male of a bird species first makes

making an id of a female  of the species much easier as the male  often has the more distinctive, outstanding features as in the brown head of a male Brown-headedCowbird.  However, yesterday this lone bird appeared in bird Alley without seeming to have a male companion.  I am identifying this bird as a female Brown-head Cowbird and  today I am anticipating the arrival of a male Cowbird!
I havewn't checked out the river yet today so that remains as an anticipation yet to enjoy.
Have a wonderful day everyone!