Saturday, August 22, 2020

A Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar for Saturday Critters.

On August 17th. we found two Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars! We collected them both and placed them in a plastic cage for our purpose of observation of them throughout their completion stages to reach the final stage of an becoming adult Monarch Butterflys! This morning they  have both achieved the pupa or chrysalis stage. I am assuming that

they shall both be adult Monarch butterflies by or around September the first!
These caterpillars have been great eaters and every morning I removed the remnants of chewed   and eaten leaves as the caterpillars grew rapidly. on August the 21 I posted this update of their development.
Monarch butterfly caterpillar update:
Our two caterpillars ,which we have been observing are now preparing to enter the last stage of stage of their being caterpillars Overnight they have attached their bodies to the cage with a glue like substance that they have secreted from their bodies. They are now both hanging in a ‘J’
shape. One caterpillar is attached to the top of the cage, The and the other caterpillar-has attached itself to
the side of the cage Probably by
tomorrow these caterpillars will have left their caterpillar stage and will be in their pupa (chrysalis) stage. To exit the caterpillar stage, the caterpillar will make its body move
very rapidly in a motion until it’s skin falls off. Underneath the skin is a soft green body. This soft green body when exposed to the air will harden and it becomes the hard green outer covering of the chrysalis. Within 10 to 14days a adult Monarch butterfly will emerge from the green shell of the chrysalis.

This morning when I checked on the caterpillars, they were no more. Overnight they had entered their green chrysalis stage! If all goes well they will next be adult Monarch butterflies.

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Saturday, August 08, 2020

An Eagle for Saturday Critters

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Sunday, August 02, 2020

A White Pigeon for Saturday Critters

I often see a white Pigeon in my area. It is never all totally white , which I sometimes think it is, but when it turns or moves I often see that it has black makings also.
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Saturday, July 25, 2020

An unusual coloured frog for Saturday Critters.

 We saw an unusual coloured frog yesterday morning at the Fredericton Botanic Gardens. "It has rare colouring -- it is missing the yellow pigment in its skin. It is a minty greenish/turquoise colour . Its expanding chin/neck is white instead of yellow.  Its like it has reverse xanthochroism.."
This last picture shows a regular looking frog,  seen at the same pond, displaying its yellow chin.

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Another hot day is scheduled for today.  Have a warm, safe weekend folks. Stay healthy out there everyone!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Fawn Triplets for SaturdayCritters

i have been watching these three fawns all week, every morning that I could find them. Mama Whitetail must be so busy and so patient. All three trying to feed at the same time must be so demanding for this wonderful doe.


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Saturday, July 11, 2020

White-tailed deer for Saturday Critters

Oh deer! What a wonderful sighting I have had this morning!

Thee fawns and only one adult female! Possibility all in one family?
I have only one photo showing all three fawns together in the picture! he fawns were beautiful! lively and frisky!
I will be watching for them again all next week hoping to get a good family grouping of all four!

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