Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Red Fox for Camera Critters

We have been waiting and watching to see a Red Fox since February.  Finally we saw one yesterday while driving past a newly plowed field.  The fox looked like it was in good condition after enduring another winter.

 As it hunted over the field it was intent upon watching the ground, then to out luck it slightly changed direction and veared towards us as we were sitting in our parked truck allowing us a more frontal view for picture taking.
It had great black legs! 
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Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Male Goldfinches cming into their golden yellow Colour

We have lots of golden yellow male goldfinch today feeding at our niger seed feeder today. Below are three hanging on the feeder.

Also feeding with the Goldfinch are several Pine Siskins
You can see that some of the males are still growing their black head cap feathers.
Have a wonderful day everyone!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Ospreys are back for Camera Critters

We had known the Osprey were back this week as we had seen them flying over the river and also over our yard, however this afternoon we saw two of these beautiful birds on a new nest they had built.  A new platform had been built at this site as Ospreys nest here each year and we wondered if the returning Ospreys would accept an empty platform as an invitation to build a nest?  They did , as you can see their nest on the platform when I took pictures of it this afternoon.  My pictures were quite dark but I like in particular the pictures taken when one of the Ospreys were preparing to leave the nest.  The wings of the departing bird created a nice frame in the background for the osprey remaining on the nest.

How wonderful it is to see these fisher birds back for another season.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Painted Turtle and Coltsfoot

I love to find turtles in the early spring.  We have a pond area where I can often find a sunning Painted turtle resting on a rock, shoreline or extended branch leading into the water.  I found one such sighting earlier this week and was delighted to identify it as a beautiful Painted Turtle!

Also notable this week was my finding many Coltsfoot
wildflowers in bloom in our yard.  Coltsfoot is the first wildflower to bloom in our area.  Last evening I also saw many Dandelions in bloom at the foundation of our general store.  and although I haven't looked yet but I am confident I would find many Mayflowers in bloom today if and when I look.  I guess those will be photo topics for later this week or weekend.  This is such a beautiful sunny day I think I will go searching for Mayflowers after I hang my wash out on the clothesline.  Its a wonderful drying day!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Female Common Merganser

We have an observation deck in our community along the river and it offers lovely views.  Last evening around about 6 p.m. I drove to the observation area to see if I might find something in the river below I looked and spied a duck along the shoreline. The distance did not allow me to id the bird without a vision aid. However I had my 300 mm lens on my Nikon D5500 camera . After downloading my photos upon returning home, I saw that the duck in the river , all alone, none other around it ,was a female Commoin Merganser.  The red bill and lovely red head made this species easily identifiable.

female merganser near the shore
female merganser out in the fullness of the river mid-stream

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Flock of Canada Geese for Saturday Critters

On Thursday of this week past we came upon a rather large flock of Canada Geese.  It was rather difficult to get a large group shot as they were scattered around and about and our truck was parked on the shoulder of a busy highway with me using  a partway rolleddown vehicle window  as a tripod. However I love singling out the beauty of the individual Canada and crop group shots a lot so there are a couple of individual portraits shown here crop carved from the large group.

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Have a wonderful weekend folks.  The outdoors is calling me and I must hurry out.