Friday, June 23, 2006

The Eagle and the Crow

Once upon a time Eagle was sitting high up in a tree surveying the river below.

Then along came Crow and Crow started to taunt Eagle.

"Caw, caw, caw! Caw, caw, caw!"

"Get out of here, Crow, and leave me alone!" shouted Eagle.

But Crow did not go far away and kept returning to tease and dive at Eagle while all the time cawing loudly; so that all the creatures within hearing distance along the river knew that Crow was up to his old tricks again and that Crow would not be satisfied until he had chased Eagle away from his perch high up in the tree.

Eagle was perplexed and he thought and thought about what he could do to get Crow to leave him alone. And all the while Eagle thought and thought, Crow kept diving and cawing at Eagle and continued to make a general nuisance of himself.

So Eagle decided,

"All right, Crow, I'm leaving. You can have the old tree to yourself!."

And Eagle flew away.

And when Great Blue Heron, who had been feeding quietly across the river, saw Eagle flying towards him he decided that he should get out of Eagle's way in a hurry. So Great Blue Heron lifted his giant wings and flew further down the river to find another feeding place.

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Mary said...

This was a great post! Too bad no one saw it and commented! Glad you linked it to the other one. How many people get a shot of an eagle and a great blue heron together???