Monday, December 11, 2006

Bald Eagle

Yesterday I had planned on driving to a community some 12 miles or so away to see if I could find some Snow Buntings that frequent that area each winter. However, before I reached my destination I noticed a large bird at a distance, circling high in the sky and I thought it might possibly be a Turkey Vulture for it had a wide, black wingspan with fingered wing tips and I have seen them in this area before. Checking with my binoculars though, I saw the bird had a white head and tail and I knew I was looking at a mature Bald Eagle. It remained vey high and distant and I could only get a fleeting impression of the bird as it continued its circling and gradually faded from my sight. I deciding to return home and leave my intended search for Snow Buntings to another day. I was almost home when I saw the Eagle again, this time, although still very high, it was directly overhead. Another opportunity! I leaned alongside my car for support and aimed upward and was able able to capture a few pictures before it soared away.

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