Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Eagle More Crows

While driving along highway #105 near Sheffield we noticed what may have been two clumps of snow high up in the trees bordering the fields along the highway; or perhaps it was the white head and tail of a Bald Eagle? We stopped to get a better look, and confirmed with our binoculars that it was a Bald Eagle.The smaller circle in the photo above indicates where we saw the eagle. The larger circle with the arrow shows an enlarged view.

Just as we stopped a murder of Crows arose from the remnants of a corn field beside the highway and headed off in the direction of the eagle perched in the tree. A murder (or group) of noisy Crows can sometimes draw your attention to an Eagle or Owl in the area; so if might be worth your while to follow through and check out the focus of their activity.

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