Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salamanders for Camers Critters

Living under a rock mu s'ent be much fun!
Don't you miss the sun?

Earlier this week I posted about a spotted salamander; a handsome yellow spotted creature.
We had found it under a rock. Since then we have looked under more rocks and found two more species; a Dusky Salamander and a Red-Backed SalamanderDusky Salsmsnder sbove . At first we thought the Dusky salamander was a small snake as it was curled under the rock. But then I noticed it had a leg and thought to myself, "That's no snake.Click to enlArge to see the leg on itslower right side.Red- backed Salamander; I did not focus well on this wiggly little creature but the red on its back was obvious which led me to its id.
My appreciative thanks to Misty for hosting this site. To see other participant's photo contributions just click HERE or on the Camera Critters logo on the side panel


Mary said...

When I turn over rocks there is never anything but bugs underneath. You have more interesting rocks :-) Love seeing all the different types of skinks and lizards...quite a variety.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You have some great shots of these critters.I have memories of seeing them in my Aunties musty old basement.Yuk!

Gregor Jongsma said...

I believe you have identified a lead-phase reedback as a dusky salamander.

Great finds though.