Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out and about part:two:an Eagle

By far my most rewarding drive this morning was whenI photographed an American Bald Eagle. I was driving along the highway and when coming upon a curve I noticed a group of Crows had gathered and were feeding upon some road kill. All the birds were not crows. I spied a white head among the group and knew an Eagle was there also. All of the birds dispersed as I slowed down. I sat in my car on the shoulder a bit hoping the eagle might return. It didn't , so I decided to scan the area ahead hoping I might spot it. I did! It was standing in the field just past the curve. As the eagle flew off it perched on the top of a tree.
Ihope I have another exciting find this afternoon. I will certainly try!


Kay said...

That's a beautiful but scary looking bird.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

WOW!!!Bald Eagles are always thrilling.I think my heart goes a little faster each time I get to see one.Have a wonderful day.

madcobug said...

Glad that you had the opportunity to get those photos. Great shots. Helen

bobbie said...

A really great tree top shot!

Villas Girl said...

This is wonderful!! Ooh how I would love to see a Bald Eagle that close. Well I did once. I was on the phone with Bobbie. I went out to get my mail as did she. I was walking back to the house and looked up. Soaring above our heads was a Bald Eagle. I was like a blubber fool. 'Bobbie. Bobbie. Eagle. Eagle. Look. Look.' Instead of running in for the camera and telling her to look up. That was an amazing sight to see. Lisa

Mary said...

I seem to have missed a bunch of your posts! I've been slow getting around to blogs lately. Great shots of the! Always neat to see.

Anonymous said...

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