Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Beauty for Outdoor Wednesday

A seasonal annoyance due to cold, wet, dampness slippery roads and poor driving conditions of winter often detracts from my appreciation of the beauty of the outdoors this time of year. Not so this week I was immediately attracted to these tree trunks, shown above outlined with snow. The contrast of white on dark was very striking and I knew I just had to capture the scene with my camera. I had been out looking for Waxwings in this area but had no luck with that activity.
What is more timely a topic this week than a mountain top covered with snow as seen above. This is not quite Vancouver as our the Appalachians of Eastern Canada are old,worn and rounded with age, but nevertheless a winter scene considerably kindly to the eye.

A suddensnow squall at the railroad bridge set the scene for the photo above. The snow didn't amount to anything much, just a busy flurry for a short while, but it served as a seasonal reminder that winter is still here despite the warmer temperatures and melting snow that we have been
experiencing recently.
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Stine in Ontario said...

Sudden snow squalls is a topic I can identify with. :) I too like the look of trunks and limbs trimmed with snow. Very nice!

Bill S. said...

This has been one tough and weird winter. I love the picture with the snow falling on the RR bridge.

Mary said...

I agree that the snow on the trees was well worth a photo! Great shot! The snow squall is pretty cool, too. I'm glad you can find ways to enjoy the last of (I hope) winter :-)

bobbie said...

all lovely photos. The trees are so beautiful. But I'm so tired of it. I tell myself I won't even take any more snow pictures - but I always do. Can't resist.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.Yes,there is lots of beauty around,thanks for sharing this from your part of the country.

Cheri said...

I like the snow on tree trunks too - funny how it sticks to one side!

Carlina Mountains

Ms. Bake-it said...

Great pictures! There is always beauty around us if we only take the time to look. Thank you for sharing the beauty near you.

~ Tracy

Marsha said...

Great photos - you have found beauty in winter.

Becky and Gary said...

WE had one of those sudden snow bursts last Tuesday, and some of the snow flakes were as large as quarters. It only lasted about 5 minutes.
I like the snow effect on the railroad tracks. Nice catch Ann.