Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Our cat, Shakey for Tuesday's Cat

Shakey loves to be outdoors. He has a routine each morning now as he wants outdoors as soon as I get up. We sometimes think he has more characteristics of a dog as he loves to follow us around when we go outdoors. He loves to run up to us and nudge us. He seems to be a very happy cat and we are happy cat owners.
He has proven himself to be s good hunter and if might be well if the few voles around our yard could read.[ This sign abovewe found at a yard sale] He only brought a bird in the house once. We are hoping that he only soft mouthed the Goldfinch that he brought in one day. The bird escaped from the cat's mouth and my husband picked it up and let it fly from his hand when he took it outdoors. Shakey hasn't done anything like that again. He knew we were very annoyed with him!! AS Halloween is coming soon Shakey already has his costume on. He will fit in very well with the season.

Cats on Tuesday is a meme for cats posted on Tuesday. This is a new meme for me but its fits perfectly inoto my life style as cat owner. You can find this meme and other contributions at:http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com/2007/12/cats-on-tuesday_31.html


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Mary said...

What a beautiful cat! I like that Attack Cat sign :-) I've got one cat that could earn the title!