Thursday, February 03, 2011

Red breast of s Common Redpoll for Thursday's Challenge

Common Redpolls are the most frequent sighting at our feeders this winter. This one pictured above seemed to be putting on a show as if hanging upside down while holding on with one foot. I wondered if its foot was stuck among the vines above which are interwoven across the upper part of our pergola. But no disaster prevailed as it soon flew off to perhaps perform at another location. On with the show!

Red is the theme of today's Thursday's Challenge. To enter your own red-themed photo or to view what others have posted, please click on the small picture of my photo posted hereon the right hand column to find out how to contribute.


Kim, USA said...

Wow you capture it well. Thanks for sharing!
Thursday Challenge

DeVona said...

Hi, Ann! Sent my son to your crow blog since he knows a crow expert at the university he works at, and she says your photos were fine examples of "cuddling" behavior among ravens. I could forward his message to you, but don't have your email address (mine is If you send me a note, I could forward it to you. Thanks! Linda