Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tree Sparrow for world Bird Wednesday

What an exciting day it was in Bird Alley last Saturday! We saw our first and only sparrow sighting of the winter: A Tree Sparrow! At first I noticed the rufus colouring of its head and was quite sure it wouldn't be a Chipping Sparrow.. too off season for that little Tree Sparrow cousin and look alike. I waited for it to reappear again and started taking pictures. When downloading I was hoping to see a dark center breast spot which is a characteristic distinguishing feature of the Tree Sparrow. None of my pictures revealed the central brest spot but what I did see was the bi-coloured bill of the Tree Sparrow.
Ah ha! The bi-coloured bill definitely assured me, yes, I was being visited by a tree sparrow

And my next group of photos revealed the sought after dark center breast spot! Oh happy day!!! What took you so long little sparrow? Where have you been?

On Sunday I saw two tree sparrows and on Monday there were three little beautiful sparrows in Bird Alley! Wow!.

On Sunday I saw a bit of a tree sparrow behind a branch, I found this photo quite amusing as I could see its central spot showing on the sparrow's breast. Ha, Ha Tree Sparrow, I see you!!!!
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eileeninmd said...

Great capture of the Tree Sparrow!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

He looks like he is enjoying the food.

Pat said...

Wonderful shots of this lovely little bird!

Springman said...

Great catch of a wonderful sparrow. Good Id info too!

Becky and Gary said...

Don't you just love these winter birds? I have a number of Tree sparrows too. Just about all of our snow has melted.
Have a wonderful day Ann.

Becky said...

Your blog has been chosen by me for the for the Versatile Blogger award. I think your blog is special. I have linked to you on my “ And the Award Goes to...” post. If you want to find out how this all works go to the post on Plants and Stones and click on Donna.