Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Snowy Day in Bird Alley

So far our snow accumulation is not too great this morning as we are experiencing our first real winter snowstorm today and it is predicted to be a pretty big one.  I was surprised to see quite a few birds arriving at Bird Alley looking for food, and thankfully finding it as my feeders were filled in anticipation of the storm.  My concern lies with the ground feeding sparrows, two species of which we have arriving daily and this morning as well: A White-throated Sparrow and a Song Sparrow.

In the picture of the Song Sparrow you can see that it has a seed in its mouth!  Wonderful, it is finding seeds on this snowy day!
I don't worry too much about the Bluejays and the Cardinals  as they are both big, strong birds who seem to manage to cope quite well for themselves.

  And Chickadees, these frisky little birds appear to be a bundle of energy no matter what the weather and they are very visible about Bird Alley this morning as are
the Goldfinch and the Tree Sparrows.  Also our regular Hairy Woodpecker and Mourning Doves have been feeding here this morning.


eileeninmd said...

No worry, looks like the birds are well fed at Bird Alley! Wonderful variety and photos. Happy Sunday!

Anne Jeffries said...

The birdies always know where to go for a good meal, even the little sparrows.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm glad the sweet little birds found a good meal! Our seed is being all gobbled up by a flock of very greedy starlings and blackbirds.