Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Special Find, a White Pigeon

Yesterday while driving home I saw a group of Pigeons or rock doves all lined up in a row on the redgeline of an old barn: And to my delight at the end of the line I saw a white pigeon.

So today I decided to see if I could find the white bird and I did!!!!

This photo was taken with a 300mm zoom lens.  Tomorrow I plan on returning to the location and taking my 400 mm lens with me.  I am quite sure the Pigeon will still be there with others in its Pigeon flock.  This Pigeon is almost pure white except for a slight beige or brown colouring under the underside of its tail feathers.  And you might wonder how  I am sure its a Pigeon.. Well relying upon the old adage"Birds of a feather flock together" , the picture below shows the white bird with all of its other feathered buddies (Pigeons)

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eileeninmd said...

The White Pigeon is beautiful, great find! Happy Sunday!