Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Baby Canada Geese

Sometimes I really get a surprise when I download my pictures! This morning, while standing on an observation deck overlooking the Oromocto river I saw something  moving across the river below.  It seemed to be something large moving but at first I couldn't make out what it was,.  Then I noticed the white neck notch on the moving objects which told me I was looking at a couple of |Canada Geese.  They were at quite a distant but I tried to take their pictures anyway. ( I never pass up an opportunity to take a picture of a bird!)

I was very surprised when I downloaded the pictures at home and  I saw four little yellow babies in the pictures following the adult Canada.  How I wish it were a better picture as this download has made my day!
Can you see the four babies?
 I have edited the above picture to try to give you a closer view of the babies.  I hope I am able to find them and see them again!

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eileeninmd said...

The goslings do look cute following their parent! Great captures! Have a happy day!