Friday, June 19, 2015

Deer in My Backyard

A few years ago we fenced in our backyard.  The main reason for doing that was that we had too many deer visiting our yard and eating plants from our garden, both veggie and flowers.  I have missed seeing their beautiful presence out and about as there was a certain beauty to look out and see these graceful creatures wandering around our yard.

Since the fencing in my husband has devoted much of his gardening time to growing and developing his beautiful Hosta plants.  One area of our yard is on a hillside which we have named Hosta Hill.
Yesterday morning I looked out and saw movement in Bird Alley. A quick glance out told me that it was no bird I was seeing as I had seen a glimpse of a sturdy brown leg! A Deer in our yard!  I quickly grabbed my camera and hurriedly put on a pair of shoes and I went out to investigate!  Yes!  there was a deer in our garden and it didn't seem to remember how to get out. I found it at our veggie garden section near our Tory Gate

We both stared at each other and then the deer started to run checking out any exit possibilities it could find.( There were none!) David had built a fine fence and it has served us well!

And I took as many pictures as I could to show the evidence to David when he got up. I think my best photo is of when the deer went sailing through the air in front of Hosta Hill ( You can see many Hostas in the background as the deer is leaping by.)

In the photo below you can see a portion of our fencing and also a garden sign on the fence and our garden globe ( thankfully the deer did not knock that over.)
So all was well that ended well.  I did not see the deer leave as there are several ares in our backyard and I had though it was still in Bird Alley but there was no deer there anymore when I checked that area out. But I did find the gate that had been left open in error.  It was our welcome gate with the words "Welcome" on it.  No, not really meant to be a welcome to deer.

Have a wonderful day everyone.  It seems like it will be a good day here to look for snapping turtles laying their eggs as it is now the season for that. Tomorrow's post will be about Snapping Turtles that I have found in our community this month.


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, pretty deer visitor. I love to see them but I would not like it if they ate all my plants. I guess the deer found it way out again. Great photos! Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh my! I guess the deer thought the welcome sign was for it.You did get some good shots.

Emma Springfield said...

I kn ow the deer can be pests when they attack the garden. But oh my what a way to start your day. It is just lovely.

Pamela Gordon said...

Your gardens look beautiful and I'm sure the deer thought it a great feast for him to have all to himself. We haven't had any deer around since April but the last week I've noticed one up the hill and also his tracks through our veggie garden. Night before last as car jammed it's brakes on in the dark probably avoiding a collision with one. So far the Hosta and other delicacies are safe but we are wide open here so I expect one of these mornings I'l wake up to some damage done.