Sunday, July 09, 2006

Varying Hare

I saw three rabbits yesterday. Well, actually they were hares; Varying Hares, also known as Snowshoe Rabbits or Snowshoe Hares. The fur on these mammals turns white in the winter and brown in the spring/summer. In early April of this year I photo- graphed a hare with its fur colour in transition. It still had some white fur showing but the brownish colour was now becoming dominant.

A few years have gone by since I've seen many hares along the roadsides like I used to, but so far this year I have seen five.

I was driving along an old dirt road a month or so ago when I saw this hare in the photo, feeding in a ditch on greenery near a rather large puddle. He looked rather curious when I drove by but as I didn't stop it continued feeding. Having decided to return home, upon my return trip I could see that the hare was still feeding so I approached slowly in my car and managed to take four or five pictures from my car window before it decided to hop away.

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