Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wood Nymphs and Browns

I have seen four species of butterflies in this classification. The most common one that I see more often than the others is the Little Wood Satyr (r: Little Wood Satyr). Every year I find it near a grouping of ferns growing at the edge of a meadow bordering a huge stand of old Pine trees.

The Smoky Eyed Brown was found in my back porch one summer day in July 2001. That was the first and only time I have
seen the Eyed Brown. Notice that there are five spots on the
upper wings; this helps distinguish it from the others and I think it could be called the 'Many Eyed Brown'.

The picture at the bottom shows the Common Wood Nymph on the left and the Northen Pearly-eye to the right..A feature of the N. Pearly-eye is the interesting design on its underside upper wing. Some of the eyes are dark within yellowish/beige circles and others have a white dot within beige and black rings.
The Common Wood Nymph to the left is identified by the outstanding eye on its upper hindwing in its closed wing position.

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Anonymous said...

What great photos! They look like something from a nature book or science textbook!