Monday, May 14, 2007

Gaspereau and Gulls

This is the time of year, sometime around the first week in May to the first week in June, when Gaspereau leave their salt water habitat and return to their spawning grounds destination in the upper waters of the North Oromocto. When these fish encounter the Gaspereau Falls on the north branch of the Oromocto at Fredericton Junction they must manouver the fast moving waters located there with speed and agility. As well as the challenging feat of endurance they must conquer to pass through these falls safely; the Gaspereau are also prey to the many gulls waiting for their arrival at this location. These gulls are a squabbling bunch and often give up on their own watchful position in the rapids to give chase when they see another with a successful catch.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing your photos and reading the descriptions, especially the gaspereau and gulls which remind me of visiting my great uncles in the Junction 40-50 years ago - David Christie