Sunday, May 13, 2007

Snapping Turtle

I found a Snapping Turtle in a pond beside the river earlier this week, on May 10th. This is the earliest spring sighting I have had of one of these big snappers . For several years now I often come across these large turtles during the last couple of weeks in June; laying eggs in locations adjacent to the river.

It was only last year, on June 6th, 2006, that I had found three or four in the same pond where I had seen the one this week. I probably will see more at the same pond location over the next few weeks now that I know where to look for them. Reading of Snapping Turtles in Stanley Gorham's, The Amphibians and Reptiles of New Brunswick, NB Museum publication, 1970 (p.14-15), he writes that these freshwater turtles hibernate at the bottom of ponds, so it makes sense to me that a pond is where I first find them in the spring. (top photo taken May 10th, 2007, other photos June 6th, 2006)

editing note May 14:
I saw this Snapping Turtle sunning itself today at the edge of the pond.

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