Saturday, March 08, 2008

Burdock Husk

Being eager for spring, as many of us are, I went for a short walk yesterday having decided to follow one of my summer trails to see what I could find. Climbing the snowy embankment was easier than it had been the previous time I went this route because the newly accumu -lated snow was moist and damp and I could make sideways, footstep gouges with my feet; like creating my own staircase as I climbed up. The last time I had gone this route I had made it up the steep hillside okay but had suddenly landed on my hands and knees at the bottom, (and so did my camera.. ouch!), on the descent when returning home. This week I was more cautious and wary; and surefooted. Standing there in the snow, beside an old Brudock patch, looking for movement of any kind, other than mine, I looked down and I saw a single Burdock husk lying in the snow; and I thought it was beautiful.

empty husk of seed

once prickly head of burs

wind thrown on the snow


April said...

It's amazing what you can find when you look down. Wonderful symmetry in the second picture. The brown husk shows up so well against the snow. I like your poem that goes with your pictures, too.

me and my camera said...

The words,'sea urchin in the sand' kept running through my head ... but I'll just put that line away to use another season.

Texas Travelers said...

Basho could not have said it better. Nice post and photo, Troy

me and my camera said...

Texas Travelers:
Why thank you - so it was he who started it all. Haikus are always an enjoyable form to work with.

Mary said...

You write the haikus so well! Just the right ammount to say to draw the picture. What a perfect Burdock husk...not a flaw or a line out of place....just like your poem. Good post! Glad both you and the camera survived the previous fall :-)

Sandpiper said...

Wonderful pictures and your writing took me along with you.

me and my camera said...

Beauty can be found in so many unexpected places and at the words just seemed to fit into place to describe it.

Haikus are fun to create and even more so when others enjoy them too.

Thank you both for your comments.

bobbie said...

The photos, the haiku, and especially the burdock husks are all very beautiful. Thank you for seeing their beauty and for sharing them with us.

me and my camera said...

There are many stages in the cycle of plants and some perhaps only see the beauty of those in bloom, but this husk presents evidence otherwise I think. Thank you for comments and your enjoying.