Monday, March 03, 2008

The Hand of a Bird Charmer


Sandpiper said...

Beautiful! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when they trust you like that? I love it!

Mary said...

That is sooo cool! I will have to try that for sure! Wow!

Margot and David said...

so neat. I had one land on my hand a long time ago but in spite of my efforts no repeats. However, I did have 5 little ones (the oldest was 6) trying very hard this summer to coax the chickadees to eat out of their hands. I knew it wouldn't happen but it made for a great photo and they are interested in birds. Good beginning.

NW Nature Nut said...

What a treat. Where you the lucky one, or did you just take the photo?

me and my camera said...

A wonderful feeling of trust and the discovery of the meaning of.."as light as a feather".

Choose a good weather day and just stand there with your hand outstretched with a food offering in it! Good luck!

Margot and David:
I don't think I've ever held a Chickadee but one fall/winter we had little crossbills visiting our feeders and they were extremerly tame; so much so that one even landed on top of my camera; they felt weightless!

And what a wonderful way for little ones to gain an appreciation for birds. A wonderful beginning for sure.

Me and my camera stood and watched while my husband enticed a few Chickadees land on his hand. He was the lucky one!

RuthieJ said...

I love those little chickadees!
Next time, let the spousal unit take photos while you get to be up close and personal with that brave little chickadee (without a glove, so you can experience the feeling of their little toes on your finger!)

me and my camera said...

Exactly! I think so. some are so friendly and curious when I refill the feeders that it probably wouldn't be so difficult to have one do so.