Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Robin Surprise!

I must always remind myself that a sighting that is rather unique at this time of year in my area is not so exciting to others in other regions. But to see four large fat Robins land at the top of our High Bush Cranberry tree was an unexpected and unusual sighting this morning from my window! Wow! However I suppose I should clarify a bit by adding that with the changes in our climate and our days of above freezing temps this winter I guess it is not all that unexpected anymore. But many, many years ago, when I was a kid, that would never have happened!They were beautiful and fat and so colourful among the cranberries. But they were also fleeting and it took them only a moment to realize that the attractive red berries that looked so great at a distance were not all that tasty and not to their liking; and they were off again almost as soon as they arrived. But the glimpse of them was a wonderful moment and this one photo I captured was like a breath of spring on this late December day.


bobbie said...

Crazy robins! But aren't they pretty

Happy New Year!

Tom said...

Hi Ann- I'm new here, you have a very nice blog. I live in central Ohio and we typically have Robins year round, but it is interesting that they would still be around at this time of year in your neck of the woods.


Sharon said...

I get excited when any wild element of nature lets me take its picture. This photo is very beautiful and it tells a story of what a hard life these little robins must have. I am amazed that they can live in such a climate...and to be so FAT, I guess their life isn't as bad as I might think it is! Thanks for sharing this & I do agree with you that if I would have seen this out my window, I would have been excited too!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You might call this natures Christmas gift.We have had two Robins around for awhile,certainly not normal in our parts.

Deborah Godin said...

Yes, I suppose they really aren't so much of a sign of spring any more, as climate change creeps north. Great shot of this fellow sitting at the berry buffet!

Margaret Cloud said...

Robins are my favorite birds, I raised one right out of its shell, that was a wonderful experience. The pictures are really nice.

Anonymous said...

First robin of spring?

Tina said...

Oh what wonderful pictures...I love those cranberries bushes and the thought of robins being seen in your area is a breath of spring air? Great shots... on these rather bleak days!
Enjoyed reading your post!

ramblingwoods said...

I never seen them here near Buffalo in the winter so that would make them smarter than me as I do stay here in winter...LOL..

Becky and Gary said...

We had some Robins late here also.
They stayed 2 days, and it's a good thing they left when they did, because the very next day we had heavy snows.

Mary said...

How beautiful! I never see them in the winter usually either, and we have very mild winters at times. Right now we are having temps in the 60's which is sort of scary because they are going to drop suddenly soon. I hope they come back. They sure look pretty with the red berries!

me ann my camera said...

Our temperatures have been very variable too and that is perhaps why they are still around. Today our high is forecast to be about 48 F with rain, again, and that is unseasonable for us here.

I think you must hold the record for snowfall of all the bloggers who comment here.

rambling woods:
Like you, I stay put all winter too but I am beginning to think going south with the birds might be a great idea.

The cranberries stay through most of the winter, for they are not the tastiest of berries and they do lend a beautiful touch of colour.

science guy:
spring? that's what I think :-)

What an experience that must have been!

I'm hoping some Pine Grosbeaks show up soon, for to them they really think they have found a treat when they get to the kernel in the center of these berries.

It really was like a gift to see them fly in and perch in the trees for a few moments.

We were surprised at the size at them too!

Welcome. Thank you for your comments of Robins in your area and also for your visit. I enjoy returning the visit to your wonderful blog.

Unpredictable for sure!! I do hope they come back. Happy New Year to you too!

Kay said...

I don't recall seeing robins in Illinois in winter. Did your robins forget to fly south? Oh my!

Julie said...

Well thanks for letting me know how cranberries grow! I didn't know. Sheesh...the things I learn over here!

Rockin' Robins!

Mary said...

Ann, I'm sorry to hear you have been sick over the holidays and bad weather, too. Hope you are better soon. I had wondered if you were busy with company and such. I'm looking forward to "normal" again, myself. Happy New Year!