Friday, July 03, 2009



Having gone along for the ride while my husband was taking a load of cut branches , weeds and other garden clean up items to the village compost pile I asked to get off at the observation deck overlooking the river for I often see Eagles, Common Mergansers , Osprey and Spotted Sandpipers from there.All I saw this time was a huge dark spot along the river down shore. And I asked my husband upon his return, " Is that a horse or a Moose?"His reply was,"Its a Moose!"And after downloading the pictures I agree with him. I have never seen a Moose from that location before.

Thanks to Misty Dawn for hosting this always interesting meme of critters that others from all over the world have posted. To see other photos of more critters just click on the CC badge to join in or to link with others.


Gail said...

Peaceful beauty in nature!

DeVona said...

Is that a moose?!!!!

me ann my camera said...

deVna, that is the same question that I asked my husband. is it a moose or a horse? yes, its a moose

Sharon said...

That is a very beautiful sight!

Becky and Gary said...

Now, there's something we don't see down here. I'd love to photograph one.