Tuesday, July 28, 2009

flowerscape summit of a cone flower

beautiful Painted Lady

I love the colour and texture in this photo, also ;the light captured on this fritillaries' wing, The sunny day brought many butterflies to my garden today.


Gail said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are two very lovely pictures.The colors are so bright.

bobbie said...

Wonderful color! I still have very few butterflies this year. I would be very sad if it weren't for all the hummingbirds.

Mary said...

What a perfect pose of that pretty butterfly :-) I love the way the center of those flowers look...like a pincusion!

Bill S. said...

Great job on the butterfly photos. In our area of Idaho now is the time for butterfly migration. I love taking their pictures.
Keep the beauty coming.