Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bird Alley Update #2

This little Song Sparrow is a daily regular and a bit of a favourite of mine. It was the first sparrow species that I learned to recognize. All is well, the day gets off to a good start if I see Song Sparrow from my window. Welcome little Bird Buddy!Another constant, regular visitor species are Black-capped Chickadees. I had forgotten to include this species on yesterday's Bird Alley roll call Update.
Thuis little Pine Siskin was a lovely unexpected surprise Thursday morning whn I saw it feeding with some American Goldfinch. The little yellow stripes on its wings signaled its id to me.
There was no problem identifying this female American Goldfinch, but its white rump and undertail was a bit of a surprise. I'm not sure what it regularly looks like, but the white feature on this bird seemed to be outstanding! There were many Goldfinch feeding in Bird Alley today,

This little Red-breasted Nuthatch has become somewhat of a regular outside our windows. It appears to have found a favourite feeding place at this bell suet feeder which is covered with black oiled sunflower seeds. Its a pretty cute little bird I think. Each day this the seasonal changes have brought new returning visitors to our feeders. We expect very heavy rains and winds for the next few days, so I wonder what changes or new visitors will present themselves. If you are a maritime viewer, keep dry and a good weekend to everyone.


Mary said...

What a nice variety of visitors :-) I haven't seen any Pine Siskins yet. I've had Goldfinches with that white look around the tail. Right now I have one with a white band on the top of its head! It seems that Goldfinches can vary some.

Denise said...

Such lovely birds Ann. We are getting Dark-eyed Junco's back down here in my part of Virginia now. Always a welcome sight at this time of the year.

dAwN said...

Great shots of the Birdies at your feeders!