Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blissful Revisited

This picture of a male hooded merganser and the link I have included )may help you understand why I have chosen the name I have used for this post. The Hooded Meganser photo which I have used was taken this morning. It is the first duck I have seen this year in 2011. Ducks symbolize spring to me! It is all about returns and new beginnings. I find this species especially beautiful. I found these ducks this morning ( 3 of them) in Blissville. The link I have included is for a post of my first Merganser sighting last year. It was a blissful experience! Last year on March the 7th., 2010 was when I saw this species for my first pre-spring sighting! in the same community as this morning's sighting.This morning I had seen 2 males, but knew there was a third duck as I saw three taking off when I was taking their pictures, and later;, when downloading the photos I saw a female at the edge of one of the photos of the male. In the photo below the female merganser in in the far right corner, the female of this species is not as exotic looking as the male.
Tomorrow; Gray Jays. I saw a couple at Three Tree Creek yesterday and one along the Branch Road this afternoon. Spring does keep one busy taking pictures! Enjoy.
F. Ann


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Wow,he's a beauty.I am glad you found him and got such a great image.

Beyond My Garden said...

I, too am really glad to see the ducks return.

Bill S. said...

I love hoodies. Snow geese, tundra swans and pintails have started rolling in.

Great post.