Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring! What took you so long?

Welcome Spring
Oh Happy Day! The first day of spring! Good bye winter, I am not sorry to see you go although your presence the last few days has been gentle. My apologies to those who have read this before. I wrote this several springs ago but it has become my welcome acknowledgement to this delightful season every since.

Personifications of Spring
spring whispered and I listened

as trees swung their bare branches in welcome

pussy willows basked in warm sunlight

lulled by blended sounds of mating melodies

singing ageless songs of hopeful renewal

spring sighed and I watched

as melting snow created lawn ponds

awakened roots in the moist earth

quenched their frozen winter thirst

and yearned to stretch their green shoots upward

spring shouted and I felt its power
as disintegrating river ice abandoned its frozen grasp

pelting rains and furious winds spurned slothful winter

and rivers swelled their banks with prideful freedom

while egg laden fish dreamed of journeying home

spring returned today and I smiled

and was content,

secure in my knowledge of its enduring loyalty

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is beautiful.Spring is a welcome season.Hope your day is filled with good things.