Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tree Casualty in Bird Alley

Above is a picture I had taken yesterday morning ofour snow laden honeysuckle tree in Bird Alley. Below is how the same tree looked at the end of the afternoon, broken and lying down admid a confusion of snow and branches of our wild rose bush.

Maybe it was one soggy wet snowflake too many or perhaps the feather weight of a little slate- coloured Junco landing on the tree was the extra weight that did it. You can compare the morning picture picture above and the late afternoon picture below, both pictures show a blue bird feeder in them showing how the scene has changed. BUT the roots of the honeysuckle are still in the ground so all is not lost. We predict that a few springs from now it will grow and blossom again. but the little birds will miss it as a perching place. Go away snow and don't come back again so soon!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The weight of all that snow is just too much for some branches.I hate to see a tree fall down,but that is nature.I do hope this one will grow again.

Becky and Gary said...

Aw, I'n so sorry. That poor bush looks so forelorn. I had the same thing happen to my favorite Azalea, but it appears to be recovering. Lets hope the same thing happens to your Honeysuckle.
Have a good week Ann.

madcobug said...

Sorry about the loss of your tree. Hopefully it will come out again.

Mary said...

I'm sorry about your poor tree in the snow. I hope it isn't too badly damaged. Honeysuckle is pretty resilent.