Friday, April 15, 2011

A what is it? A Chickadee?

I really need help with this bird. Is it just a regular Black-capped Chickadee with an extra amount of black on its chin? That's what I thought when I started taking pictures of this different looking Chickadee, but then

I noticed the gray circle around its eyes! I've never seen a Chickadee with that kind of markings before!
The head and chin were very definitely black and it was the excessive amount of black that I had noticed at first.

I had had other plans for the day, but instead I shall be watching for this bird to return so that I can perhaps get some better picures of it.

If anyone has any suggestions as to its identification I would appreciate your comments.

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Becky said...

It looks to me like this is likely the bird you are used to seeing, but this one has lost the feathers around his eyes. Most birds with eye marking have different colored feathers there. The top of his head doesn't look quite right either and there seems to be something at the corner of his beak.I suppose the bird's mate could be a feather plucker. It happens.