Friday, June 17, 2011

Yesterday's roadside Meanderings

I have no problem identifying this Painted Turtle shown above. I took this picture from my car parked along the roadside just above this little pond in the picture.This butterfly above and the little skipper on this page has sent me scurrying for my field guides. I love the discovery aspect of trying to id some unknown beautiful winged creature creature that I have encountered throughout the day. I am guessing that the tiny butterfly shown above is a SPRING AZURE ( form marginata)
This COMMON RINGLET shown above was familiar to me. It is a favourite of mine of the late spring butterflies that I often find at this time of year.And I'm guessing that this little skipper shown above is a Peck's Skipper!

Wow, what infinite variety and fascinating beauty in nature there is to behold in the great outdoors. I just can't catch up on the posting all of the things I have seen lately.

Tomorrow a Snapping Turtle. pictures of a snapping turtle, seen after it had laid its eggs this morning and I watched it until it returned to the river from where it had come from. what a marvelous creature it was!


Emma Springfield said...

What fun to go out and get such a marvelous variety of wildlife.

Bill S. said...

Looks like you had a great fun. The study of nature sure brings a lot of beauty in our lives. So colorful and fun.