Monday, October 10, 2011

A Golden Harvest for mellow yellow Monday

I like having a small garden each year, this year ||I have a golden harvest of zucchini
Their colour is beautiful! when "I saw the seed packet in a store in the spring with the name Gold Rush |I just knew I had to have them! Their harvest met all of my expectations!Another golden harvest our family is enjoying tremendously is the publication of my daughter's novel. The Town That Drowned
?You may get a glimpse of this novels content by viewing its book trailor found at this url for more information about my daughter Riel's novel please click on this link to go to hrt book blog at

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Luna Miranda said...

wow, congratulations to you and your daughter.

Kay L. Davies said...

Your zucchinis are glorious, what fabulous colours. My squash garden died this year.
Thanks for the link to Riel's book. It sounds super, not because the idea is a new one to me (I'm from BC, where it has happened, and I saw a movie about just such a dam Down Under) but because her work is praised as "deceptively unassuming" with "keen insights" and that makes me want to read it.
Kudos to you for having such a daughter, and to her for writing such a book. (The cover art is compelling, isn't it?)

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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jeannette said...

How exciting this is for your family -congrats to your daughter!

chubskulit said...

Congratulations! Your zucchini looks so good.

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