Wednesday, October 19, 2011

N is for Nuthatches for ABC Wednesday round#9

Its always exciting for me to see a little nuthatch feeding from the feeders we have in our trees just outside our living room windows. In recent years it has been the red-breasted nuthatch that we have seen most frequently. Maybe a white-breasted Nuthatch will show up sometimes this year. There are two nuthatch species which I see and their naming relates to the colour of their breasts; the red-breasted nuthatch and the white breasted nuthatch.. In the pictures included you can probably decide which is which by observation. I have not seen any nuthatches recently. These photos are from my photo archives.

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chubskulit said...

Such a beautiful bird!

Nostalgic, is one of my ABC entries. Come by any time you get a chance. Have a great day!

helenmac said...

Our nuthatches are back! But only the white breasted variety...... thank you for the great photos of this marvelous upside-down bird!
ABC Wednesday Team

Kim, USA said...

Can't wait to see this birds again.


Roger Owen Green said...

such a cute bird!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Beyond My Garden said...

We have more of the white than the red though the red will start showing up as soon as the cold sets in. the white-breasted are here all year.

Andrea said...

I love these funny up-side-down birds. I always thought the white breasted are braver and that is why we more of them. Perhaps. Great Captures!

Jo Bryant said...

these guys are just gorgeous ;)