Monday, July 23, 2012

We saw a White Pigeon!

When driving home past an old barn, at Central Blissville along highway #!01, last Thursday( July 19th, 2012), my husband said, "There's a white pigeon on the barn  roof!". I turned for a quick glance and when I saw it I said, "You have to turn around and go back so that I can get a picture of it". I got out of our truck and crossed to the barn side of the road and took a few pictures.  Then a very noisy vehicle came roaring by and all of the pigeons flew away.  I haven't seen the white one since.


Helen said...

I think pigeons are beautiful. The white one must be rare. I liked the iridescent on some of them.

Annie Jeffries said...

Love pigeons. Messy but . . . I recently spotted some homing pigeons, one black and one white circling their base. I should post the picture I managed to get sometime.

Mary said...

I love pigeons and all their colors. We often see some white ones mixed in with the ones around here. Not sure if they are albino or just a mix. Great photos of them! Glad you were able to get some pics before the vehicle chased them away.