Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Birds in Bird Alley Today

I observed lots of activity in Bird alley today!  The first surprise was a handsome male red Cardinal. My photo reflects only the red shape of its presence perched in our cranberry tree.  We don't often see Cardinsls in our feeder area so this sighting was a real treat!
The next surprise sighting was a White-breasted Nuthatch.  It probably has been a year or more since we have sighted this species at our feeders so this sighting indeed was a welcome surprise.  This handsome little bird was highlighted among our trees by side lighting! The sunlight on this sunny day was a wonderful addition to the day.
The slate coloured Junco is usually first seen in Bird Alley at this time of year accompanied by a first dusting of snow.  It was cold today but fortunately we have not experienced any snow in our region yet.  Welcome little Junco!  such a sweet little sighting this bird was!
                                               above: a Slate- coloured Junco

    One of our more common daily sightings are Blue Jays.  their presence in Bird
Alley introduces visual activity and noise with their  " look at me" contribution of being there!
Nutrhatches, above the White-breasted Nuthatch: and below, the Red-breasted Nuthatch
     This sweet little bird, a Red-breasted nuthatch, is becoming a favoured regular in Bird Alley.  It is fast, quick, darting here and there, and seemingly everywhere all at the same time.  It is a challenge to my camera to take its photo in a stationary stance.  This species is a very welcome daily sighting.
Others species sighted in Bird Alley today , although not representated by a photo here, were Black-capped Chikadees; Pine Siskins and American Goldfinch, and a Robin checking out the tiny crabapples on our ornamental crabtree.

We also were entertained from our window view by a couple of Grey Squirrels and a Red Squirrel.
I am eager for tomorrow's activity and excitement!

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