Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree Sparrow in Bird Alley Today

I was happy to see a little American Tree Sparrow in Bird Alley this morning.  The bi-colourd billwas its  identifying characteristic that identified it to me.  This is only the second Tree Sparrow I have seen this fall in our feeder area.  Also this morning I saw a female Northern Cardinal in  Bird Alley, as well as Black-capped Chickadees, Blue Jays and a Mourning dove.  Bird Activity has been very slow lately.
During the afternoon the Tree Sparrow returned and also the
female Northern Cardinal made a reappearance also and
shortly after sighting the female,

 I saw the bright red male  Cardinal in the tree branches also.  We had lots!! of Pine Siskin and they were accompained by American Goldfinch.  The Goldfinch were not as plentiful as the Pine Siskins.  Aslo Blue Jays and Chicksddes sbounded.


JDS said...

Nice job capturing images of creatures that are little and usually hyperactive! I especially like the clarity and detail of the sparrow photo.

Also, I saw you have a link to your daughter's web site and will have to check it out - I enjoy reading the works of authors I've not heard of before.

Mary said...

I like the cardinal on the pump. Wonderful birds! What would we do all winter without their beauty to enjoy and brighten our day?