Thursday, April 03, 2014

Some Marvellous Spring Sightings Today

This morning I decided to go for a walk and as usual I took my camera with me.  I had gone less than a block from my home when I saw a few birds fly across the street in front of me. I saw one of the birds perched on a snowbank in a driveway near me and to my delight I realized it was a Robin!  What a beautiful bird it was with its lush red breast! I walked on up the driveway as I saw that several other birds had perched high up in the branches
 of nearby trees, however they flew off so I abandoned my quest and I returned to the sidewalk.

I heard loud honking and looking skyward  Isaw two small groups of birds flying overhead.  By their sound and appearance I thought they were Canada Geese. Turning my camera skyward I captured a picture of a small group of geese and 
 YES,they indeed were Canada Geese! This small group of three separated from the other fliers and they flew upward over the river. Raising my camera skyward I focused on five other large bids flying overhead, and due to the loud honking which I continued to hear I assumed they also were Canada Geese. However after returning home and downloading my pictures I found a great surprise!! The group of five birds were not Canada.
Geese but rather, they were Great Blue Herons!  What a surprise photo capture this was!!! The birds were so distant that this picture does not show their identity.
clearly however I cropped one of the herons from the picture to show it more closer and clearer! I think the long beak and the long legs outstretched behind the bird will identify the bird as a Great blue Heron for you.
And I forgot to mention the day began with a big bang of a sighting as I saw a Raccoon
crossing my backyard.  by the time I had gotten my camera it was at my backdoor climbing up the doorsteps.  Wow!  What a day!  The grip winter had on spring has definitely loosened and now to wait patiently for the snow top melt and go away.  Welcome Spring!!!
And also this morning in Bird Alley at our feeders, a Junco!


Pamela Gordon said...

Those are really great bird sightings. So exciting to see. I saw a single black bird and a starling on the deck this afternoon. The first here. It's coming, finally.

eileeninmd said...

Great bird sightings. The Robin is pretty. Awesome shot of the Herons in flight. They must be headed to their rookery.. Have a happy weekend!

Naquillity said...

what a great day you had. oh how i wish i could capture 5 great blue herons in flight like you did. how wonderful... that raccoon is adorable. hoping you thaw out soon and have many more great adventures as today. hope all is well. have a great night~