Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pine Warbler Feeding at our Feeders

Its always very interesting when something different happens in Bird Alley  and something different has been happening at our feeders since April 19th.
We have had a Pine Warbler feeding at our feeders!! Why is this different you might wonder?  Basically warblers are insect eaters. But the Pine Warbler is a big seed eater as it is used to eating Pine seeds from the cones of that tree, Thus its name: Pine Warbler.  It has an affinity for Pine trees..  If I search carefully I sometimes see the intense, vivid yellow of the male Pine Warbler  in our neighbour's Pine Trees.  When we first saw this warbler in Bird Alley it was feeding at the peanut feeder. It feeds at our other feeders also.  Its favourite location seems to be in our cage feeder as it always seems to choose that feeder location first. There are two Pine warblers that visit.. Shown below the female Pine Warbler is in the cage feeder!

  Yesterday its female companion accompanied the male.  They are beautiful birds. Hopefully as spring continues to warm up and the season becomes insect intensive this warbler pair will continue to visit Bird Alley and we will get to see their offspring later in the spring.  As I stated earlier
, something interesting is always happening in Bird Alley.  And now some more pictures of the Pine Warblers. 

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eileeninmd said...

I love the pine warblers, the male is gorgeous! I see one at my suet feeders, a great yardbird! Enjoy your day!