Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Osprey at Oromocto

It has become our habit over the past few years to note locations where certain bird's nest and so we watch their nests each year for their return.
Wwe have been anticipating the return of Ospreys to Oromocto.  Earlier this spring we had noted that the old Osprey nest at the Douglas Hazen Park along the Oromocto waterfront had not survived the harshness of our winter weather this year. We had assumed a returning Osprey would rebuild a nest at that location. we waited and kept checking weekly and we didn't see any Osdprey there until this weekend past.
On Sunday May 4th.)

We saw an Osprey at the park in the usual location sitting on a nest!!
The nest appears to be a heler
skeltor stick affair, but whatever works! Above are a few pictures of the Osprey on its nest


Pamela Gordon said...

There is a nest along the highway heading east past Oromocto too. I noticed it a few weeks ago and there were 2 birds sitting on the nest. Not sure if they were osprey or eagles. Have you seen that one?

Me Ann My Camera said...

Pamela I have noticed a nest platform along the highway (# 105) just before you turn onto the Burton bridge. I haven't seen it for a while so I can't comment upon its occupancy. Thank you for your comment. I shall be looking for the nest you mentioned.

eileeninmd said...

Cool sighting of the Osprey and nest!