Saturday, May 03, 2014

Beautiful Wildflowers

We are delighted to have an early wildflower growing in our flower gardens in two different locations and they bloomed at the end of April.  My daughter always has a Coltsfoot in bloom about two weeks ahead of us. We have had so many overcast rainy days that I feared our Coltsfoot would not bloom until May , however we had a bit of sunshine and blooming before the calendar page changed. and here are a couple of Coltsfoot pictures found in our own yard.

I always used to mistake early Coltsfoot for Dandelions, and now I realize my error.  The Coltsfoot does not have leaves as does Dandelions.  When my daughter was just a little girl I used to drive out to a railway crossing near Temperance Vale each spring to show her the early Dandelions in bloom.  I am sure now as I recall that memory, it was probably Coltsfoot that I was showing her..   Some spring I would like to return to that location near Temperance Vale to verify my hunch.  Maybe next spring?!

Also I have a favourite Mayflower patch and on our way home yesterday from Saint John we stopped to check there for Mayflowers in bloom, and yes, we found some of their beautiful, delicate scented blossoms.  I found the Mayflower patch years
ago when , every spring I used to see an elderly lady picking something off the ground in that area and I had decided to check it out myself the following spring. and I have been finding Mayflowers there every spring. 
In the first picture below, you can see the potential for many more beautiful blossoms to open.  I think I shall return to this location today to find more beautiful blossoms as it is a very fine, sunny day. here today I have also already seen Dandelions in bloom and I'm sure I could find some Dandelions in bloom today..  The next wildflower find will soon be Purple Violets or Wild Strawberry blossoms and soon Dogtooth Violets.  Isn't spring great!!


eileeninmd said...

Pretty wildflowers! Great post, I learned a new flower today. Happy weekend!

Becky said...

We have a few more wildflowers blooming here now, but colts always one of the first. My husband's transplanted arbutus is one of his passions. Spring is really a delight now. Every day something new appears. Today it was the yellow shafted flickers.