Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Bohemian Waxwing

I have been waiting since the fall for some wandering birds to find our beautiful American bittersweet berries and it finally happened.  On Sunday, during our recent storm a passing Bohemian Waxwing stopped to feed.  It stayed around all day long and

yesterday morning I saw two waxwings at our pergola!!  The berries are nested among the branches which reach over the top of our pergola and they were overhanging the front side of it.
Yesterday the waxwings got on top of the pergola to feed among the berries. From inside our sun room I was able to get a good view of the hungry waxwings through the windows.  this was a good, safe feeding location as we were experiencing high winds and blowing snow all day long.         Towards the end of the afternoon the berry supply had diminished but the waxwings persisted in trying to eat every last berry.  In the photo below you can see the waxwing looking upwards to the underneath of the uppermost branches crossing the top of the pergola.!

As I watched the waxwing thrusted itself upward immersing itself within the berry laden branches at the top of the pergola. You can see  its cinnamon coloured tail hanging down as the waxwing  feeds and clings  to the branches and berries at the top of the pergola. A grand performance beautiful bird.!!!  Well done!!
I don't know if they will return again today as most of the berries have been all eaten.  Fortunately for the waxwing that it found an abundant supply of food on two extremely stormy blizzarding days. 
Have a great day everyone! 
I think it is going to be a Redpoll day as many hungry birds are gathering at the windblown feeder on our back deck this morning.  That story I will tell tomorrow.


eileeninmd said...

They are cool visitors, I am glad you have the berries there for them to eat.. Great shots.. Have a happy day!

Margaret Manring said...

What a beautiful bird. Your photos are lovely and instructional. Thank you for scouting out Bird Alley with your trusty camera.