Monday, June 29, 2020

Re -visiting a Black Duck Family

Yesterday morning I had found a handsome Black Duck,
but it appeared to be alone, after taking a couple of pictures of it. I moved on. 
However after downloading photos at home I discovered that duck had ducklings at her side!

I should have stayed around a bit longer to investigate! And  so today  I started the day with a purpose. I had determined I would find that duck family again this morning!
And I did! They were at the same location where I had seen them yesterday morning. Today I took my time watching and taking pictures from my car This was a fun adventure!

I discovered there were actually three ducklings, instead of the two that I had counted in yesterday's pictures!
Birding often holds huge surprises for us! That is one of the reasons why I believe that always having my camera with me is important!
As I start each day at this pond location I shall continue to track this Black Duck and her family.  I note that there seems to only be the one adult duck attached to these three ducklings. Mama duck has a huge job ahead of her, on her own, to safely raise these three ducklings and to teach them to feed, fly and to keep safe.  They already appear to be swimmers.
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