Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dragonflies at a Bog

Every time I pass by the spot along the roadside where the skeltons of trees are outlined against the sky I want to stop but often do not have the time. Yesterday, however, I did stop and stood at the watery edge of the bog and took a few pictures of the many dragonflies and a lesser amount of damselflies there.

The area over the water was full of darting movements. I found the Twelve-spotted Skimmers (see dragonfly with white and black spots on wings) fascinating as they hovered in mid air before darting away and landing on nearby perches. This species seemed to be most prevalent in numbers but as well there were many Four-spotted Skimmers there. (pictured below).

One Common Whitetail (see below with the white tail and brown upper body) seemed to have its own favourite area and would most always return to the same location. This species seemed fewer in number than the others and there may have only been the one.

I haven't tried to identify the damselfly species I saw but they all seemed to be similar looking and were blue.

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