Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yellow Warbler (Denroica petechia)

As two Yellow Warblers chased each other around our yard last evening I followed them with my camera trying to take their pictures as they darted from tree to tree. In the photo above, one of the warblers is perched momentarily on our Weeping Curly Willow tree. The streaks on its breast are not too prominent suggesting that this is perhaps a female or immature Yellow Warbler.

In the photo above, the evening light shining through the Pear tree highlights the yellow edging on this Yellow Warbler's tail feathers. Another identifiable feature of the Yellow Warbler is its yellow eye-ring. The eye-ring is easily seen in the photos both above and below.

In this last photo a clear view is shown of this Yellow Warbler's short, tapered tail.

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