Monday, August 07, 2006


As the summer season progresses I notice changes in the plants and small creatures that I see along the trails and paths that I follow each day.

In July, most morning walks were interrupted by my stopping to take pictures of Skippers and Fritillaries; then Common Wood-nymphs, Monarchs, Painted Ladies and Viceroys appeared. Cabbage Whites and Sulphurs started alighting on vegetation long enough for me to catch their images with my camera; last weekend I saw a Milbert's Tortiseshell Then gradually I noticed changes. During the past couple of weeks I seldom saw Skippers anymore and fewer butterflies. However now I am often alerted with a dry, sharp "click-click" sort of sound and I see many flying dark wings with light borders crossing my paths. Grasshoppers. There seem to be many and they jump and fly about as I walk along . I don't know their special names but I do have a few pictures of them to share.

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