Sunday, September 03, 2006

Antlers on a Young White-tailed Deer

While driving along the highway yesterday we saw a White-tailed Deer crossing the road ahead of us. What was so noticeable about it was that it had large white areas on its body! There was a distant car approaching and two behind me, so I slower, giving the deer time to cross safely and also to slow the cars down behind me. I was not able to get my camera ready until the deer had crossed to safety and I had pulled my car over onto the shoulder of the road.

At first I was quite disappointed that I did not get a full body picture which showed the white areas on its body; but then slowly realized that maybe the prized photo after all was of the young growth of antlers that the young buck was carrying. In the profile view you can see the backward sweep of the antlers as they begin their growth. You can see some of the white colouring on the deer just below its neck.
I have only taken pictures of a buck with antlers three other times as I do not see male deer that often. Most Whitetail Deer pictures I have are of doe.

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