Sunday, September 10, 2006

Butterflies in the Meadow

I haunt a nearby meadow daily, (left Common Ringlet) during June and July searching for butterflies, but after the grass has been mown there, (right Clouded Sulphur) I wander off searching other areas and only check that area infrequently after that. Yesterday, after having seen two large birds fly over the river, I decided to check out the area. No large birds were to be seen but I found myself wandering in a corner of the meadow in which I seldom go. (left Northern Crescent) Much to my surprise I found four different butterfly species there! I shall continue to check out this area (right Meadow Fritillary) in the next few days to see if I can find other butterflies there.

additional posting at 1:41 pm, see below:
I returned to the meadow this morning and found an additional species; a Silver-bordered Fritillary

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