Monday, September 25, 2006

Osprey in Flight

I have been waiting all summer to get some good close up views of an Osprey and yesterday I had my chance. I was sitting in my car beside the river watching a group of Common Mergansers upstream having a fine time swimming, diving and splashing in the water; and I was hoping that they would swim downstream a little closer to me.
I was taking a few photos of a Spotted Sandpiper closeby when I heard the whistling sound of an Osprey and I watched it land at the top of a tree across the river from me. Then the waiting game began. If I could sit quietly and have the patience to wait I would finally get my chance for that long awaited picture opportunity.

When the moment came its flight was strong and graceful as it swooped from the tree top, then the Osprey made a turn and flew up river out of sight.

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