Friday, April 10, 2009

Snowshoe Rabbits and Easter Bunnies

This is s rerun of last year's Easter post. Happy to all.

The chocolate duplication of this pose above, of a Snowshoe Rabbit, also known as a Varying Hare, can be found on many store shelves at this time of year in guise of the Easter Bunny. Bunny Rabbit toys have often been a favourite of small children and adults as well, and can be found in many forms. Although this rock bunny above does not appear to be welcomed by my antique door stoppers, our family has its own legendary Hunny Bunny , which has now been welcomed lovingly into the arms of the next generation.
Focusing back on the real world of rabbits, or hares, this composite photo above, of a Snowshoe Rabbit, gives an indication of the origin of its name for its feet are oversized and huge looking, such as snowshoes are when attached to your feet. I have been hoping to get a picture of a Snowshoe Rabbit in its white, winter camouflage but it hasn't happened yet and probably won't. The next best thing to a picture of an all white rabbit is this one above, in its transition from winter white to summer brown taken on April 8, 2006. Another picture, this one to the above right, taken in May of a previous year, shows that except for just a few small white spots, the change back to brown is almost complete.


Anonymous said...
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Sandpiper said...
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Mary said...

I love all the bunnies! that first one does look exactly like a chiocolate Easter bunny :-) I would love to see the white ones sometime...must be beautiful. Those big feet make them look so funny. I love the cat in the bed, too :-)

Becky and Gary said...

I love bunnies of all kinds. I've never seen a Snowshoe though. They are so cute.
Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter. Please give my best to your Mom too.

me ann my camera and Riel and her camera said...

MARYI'm So glad you enjoy the bunnies I love the chocolate ones thebest and I do not seen the white o
nes often enough Ann
Becky i aappreciated your comments last weekend about your experience beung a sona gramer. I know you cancanunderstand my recent health oroblems.