Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Please Note: This item is from the archives from April 16, 2008. But I wanted to repost it now as I saw Coltsfoot all along the roadside today as I drove through town (without my camera of course). Riel

earth's first wildflower offering
herald of better days to come
Coltsfoot - cousin to Crosus and Robins
harbinger of sunny summer days
A simple trip to the store this morning turned into one of surprise and pleasure when I
discovered my first wilflower of spring. Growing amongst last fall's leaves; Coltsfoot - like minature yellow suns, lent its warmth and optimism to my anticipation of more wilflowers to come. Below, a pollen gatherer finds a yellow treasure.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful flower. I think I recall that it is also an herb, I will have to look it up as this is the second post on coltsfoot I have come across this spring. Thanks for sharing..

Texas Travelers said...

The honeybee thinks that it was about time for spring and Coltsfoot.

I don't think I have ever seen this plant in the wild.

Thanks for sharing.

Really nice photos. The bee is really sharp.

Good job.

Texas Travelers said...

I looked this up in WikiPedia and it is a really interesting plant.

Thanks for a really good post.

Sandpiper said...

Nice that you're seeing flowers now. Interesting that I probably won't see Coltsfoot here for another month. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

April said...

They're beautiful! :)

me and my camera said...

It is surprising that they aren't out in your region yet, although they're not in mine yet either, but I am visiting in the southern part of the province this week and have seen them here.

texas travellers:
It is quite common here once it is in bloom and there are many to be seen along the roadsides.

stacey and april:
Yes, I agree with you both; a beautiful flower.

Mary said...

Very pretty color and the bee is great! Without green leaves showing the color stands out that much more against that harsh background.

me and my camera said...

This flower is different as it blooms before it leafs out and the bloom does create a strong contrast to the dark background. I was really pleased to see the bee!

Mary said...

Shame on your for not having your camera with you :-) These are so pretty....much like dandelions, but yet, not. So cheerful and sunny! A great beginning for spring!