Sunday, January 02, 2011

Inactive Bird Alley

It had to come , all of this snow in Bird Alley.! My anticipated joyful winter pass time of taking pictures of birds feeding at our feeders has come to a halt, Where are the birds? Yesterday I saw only one fleeting Blue Jay in Bird Alley! How I miss them. Yesterday was not a great birding beginning to the new year.I have since knocked the snow off the feeders and have refilled them, but still have not seen any birds partaking of the food I have spread around.I had hoped The birdseed feast I had spread around on Mr. Snowman's hat yesterday,would entice some feathered friends. The only happenin around Mr. Snowman yesterday was that during our + 5 degrees temperature yesterday his eyes and carrot nose fell off. Oh Well, maybe today?

We had a great Christmas with 5 grandchildren visiting and Santa left some wonderful presents under our tree on his stop over and they were all well appreciated.

Now to get this new year started. It is one of anticipation and joy for me as my daughter's first novel will be published this year!
A Happy New Year to all for this year of 2011!


Mary said...

I'm sure they will be back. I wonder if there is a hawk around? That is when my birds disappear. The snow is lovely and I like that snowman.

me ann my camera said...

HI Maty, Yes, they will be back. This morning I have seen a blue-jay gain and a couple of Chickadees. I am hoping for more.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm here in Virginia and my feeders which have been very busy are quiet too--I was starting to take it personally, but now I won't! :-)


Ruth said...

All that snow does look beautiful I am surprised that you have no birds.At my place it seems that I have more bird activity when there is snow.

Stephanie V said...

Love that snowman. I didn't think that the birds would just disappear when there's food around. Hope they come back soon. Your cardinal in the header is fabulous!

Annie said...

I would wait impatiently all year long for the return of such a beautiful winter garden.

Riel said...

Are little birds scared of owls? I think what happened is they thought your snowman was a snowy owl -- with the big eyes and the beak-like nose that is what I thought as soon as I saw it. The hat didn't fool them.